Saturday, October 23, 2010

Woe is Andy

Solid picture of Anderson during LA's fifth goal.


After Wayne Simmonds was thrown out and given a five-minute major for butt-ending TJ Galiardi, the Avs looked poised to tie the game at four and hopefully surge ahead.

Well, they tied the game - and congratulations to John-Michael Liles for tying the NHL record in assists to start a season, as well as participating in his second fight ever - and then they proceeded to blow it.

But to be honest, it wasn't really the team that blew it. On the most boneheaded play by Anderson we might see (hopefully) all season, he tried playing a puck (something he shouldn't do anymore), gave the puck away to former-Av Brad Richardson, and failed to get back in his net in time to stop the shot.

A couple minutes later he gave up another weak Brad Richardson. Hello Hat Trick.

A Brad Richardson Hat Trick. What are the odds?

6-4 Kings - yet another third period screw up .

I think it goes without saying that Anderson is out for the next game on Tuesday night against the Canucks. I think it also goes without saying that he's going to be break something in the locker room. Lets hope it's not his hand - we still need him, despite the fact that he screwed up royally tonight.

Sickening loss.


Two assist night for Dutchy.
Three point night for Staz (2 goals, 1 assist).
Two goal night for Duke.
Jonas Holos: 26 minutes of ice time = even +/-

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