Monday, November 29, 2010

What Should the New Lines Look Like?

The injury list is almost too ridiculous to be taken seriously.

The names are huge:


The third highest scoring team in the league, the Avs are going be doing some major line juggling.

On defense, they're pretty much set.

Quincey, Hannan, Liles, Shattenkirk, O'Byrne, and Wilson

The debate between Jonas Holos and Wilson has already been covered. Are the Avs trying to showcase Wilson for a possible trade?

Or is Joe Sacco just making a huge mistake among a bunch of great decisions?

The forward lines are a little hazier.

Here's how I think it should look by game time:


The top two lines remain dangerous. Yip will need to step up after a long stretch on the bottom two lines. The second line, in particular, will give opponents fits if Duchene is really starting to get his scoring touch back.

As for the third/fourth, it's all about survival. Olver has been having a great season in Lake Erie, and he probably deserved to start the season in Colorado, anyway. He should be called up.

Then the debate is probably between playing Koci and calling up the much maligned Ryan Stoa. How many more opportunities does Stoa get before the Avs dump him for a third round pick? Maybe one more camp - but this should only motivate him more if he does get the call.

As for David Koci - he offers nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Next Up

Atlanta. Winners of their last 5. An Avalanche win puts them 3 points behind conference leaders, Detroit. A loss could mean dropping to 11th or 12th.

Once again, it's all about survival.

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