Friday, February 18, 2011

Avs Trade Anderson

Sitting in class (sorry to my TA), I popped on Twitter for all of two seconds before I saw: "Avs trade Anderson to Ottawa for Elliott."

Sure enough, I googled it and found this:

The Ottawa Senators continued to remake their roster on the fly on Friday, sending goaltender Brian Elliott to the Colorado Avalanche for Craig Anderson.

Elliott posted a 13-19-8 record with a 3.19 goals against average and a .894 save percentage as the Sens’ No. 1 goalie this season.

In Anderson, Ottawa receives a veteran goalie who was a standout last season when the young Avs made the playoffs but struggled with injuries this season.

So the search for Roy continues.

Andy's first season in Colorado was like a dream. He played (perhaps over his own head) magnificently well, inducing fans to chant his name during the home opener against San Jose on Joe Sakic Night.

His ultimate highlight may be Game 3 in the first round against San Jose, when Anderson made 51 saves before Shark's defenseman Dan Boyle broke the scoreless tie and won it for the Avs. (Never gets old.)

Anderson brought personality back to the Avalanche goal, and he had a competitive edge that really hasn't been seen in Colorado since Roy retired.

But he's gone now. Into the East, where no doubt he'll shut the Avs out if he re-signs with Ottawa in the offseason.

Brian Elliott is your new (starting? backup?) goaltender.

All 59-45, 2.81, .903 of him.


So instead of just needing to target a big defenseman this summer, the Avs are probably going to want to focus on finding a real starting goaltender.

My big problem: If the Avs have given up on the season (and trust me, they have), why not ride it out with Anderson? At worse, re-sign him in the offseason, get rid of Budaj, and see if he can win the #1 job.

In any case, the Andy era is over. And I have a feeling a few other eras are going to be over as well before the trade deadline is over.

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