Monday, March 7, 2011

Jonesing for 30

It's been a brutal season. Absolutely brutal. I don't need to explain any further.

In the darkness, however, there has been some light; specifically, David Jones has been having a great (and generally healthy) season.

With 23 goals, Jones has already surpassed his previous career high (10 goals in 23 games last season), as well as his career high at Dartmouth (18 goals in 33 games for the Green).

The injury-proned Jones has only missed four games this season, and he has been one of the Avalanche's most consistent players in this season of suck.

Type in his name on Google. You'll find a random Australian "home essentials" store, a Wikipedia article referring to a poet, an advertisement for a voice tutor, a Welsh poet, and finally, right above, #54 - David Jones will be able to find himself on Google.

Unless you like beautiful women.

Sorry, David.

The point is, with 17 games to go, the Avalanche have nothing to look forward to except for a high lottery pick in the 2011 Entry Draft. But Mr. Jones (great song) has the chance to hit 30 goals. Doing so would put him in some pretty good Colorado company.

Since 1995-96, here are the Avs who have scored (at least) 30:

Sakic, Forsberg, Lemieux, Kamensky, Deadmarsh, Hejduk, Svatos.

The last of these guys to do it were Sakic (36) and Hejduk (35) in 2006-07.

I think most Avalanche fans will be in general agreement that, besides Svatos, these are some of the greatest Avalanche players of all time. Thirty is no joke.

Can Jones hit the big 3-0?

He's currently on pace to play 78 games and finish just below the mark at 29 goals.

He may be able to up that pace on Tuesday against the Wild. In four games against Minnesota this season, Jones has four goals. Speaking of Tuesday, it's also his favorite day to score. Eight of his goals have come on Tuesday. His next best total is six on Saturday.

He has scored most of his goals (11) while the Avs have been trailing, which is good, because they're usually trailing for the full 60 minutes.

A look at the next five opponents:

Wild - 4 goals scored in 4 games
Ducks - 1 goal scored in 2 games
Predators - 1 goal scored in 2 games
Canucks - 3 goals scored in 5 games
Flames - 0 goals scored in 3 games

So with over 1/3 of his goals this season coming against four of the next five opponents, this is a prime time for Jones to cash in and make a push to thirty.

Give Avalanche fans something to smile about, Mr. Jones.
Do it for the kids.

Go Avs.

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