Thursday, April 28, 2011

Taking a Mulligan - Round Two Predictions

As a lovely friend so elegantly wrote to me:
ur blog predictions were wrong
Thanks, Emily.

But actually, I didn't do that badly.

Let's take a quick look:

In the East:

(1) Washington v. (8) New York
Prediction = Caps in 5
Actual = Boom, right on the money.

(2) Philadelphia v. (7) Buffalo
Prediction = Sabres in 6
Actual = Was an OT goal away from being spot on. Instead, the Flyers made me look stupid, as usual.

(3) Buffalo v. (6) Montreal
Prediction = Bruins in an "epic" 7
Actual = Bruins in 7 - and yes, it was epic

(4) Pittsburgh v. (5) Tampa Bay
Prediction = Pens in 6
Actual = Again, Pens had a chance to close it out in 6. Instead, Dwayne Roloson stole the show for Tampa in 7.

And in the West:

(1) Vancouver v. (8) Chicago
Prediction = Nucks in 5
Actual = I think we know what happened here. Nucks had their shot to make me look good. They decided to make it more interesting.

(2) San Jose v. (7) Los Angeles
Prediction = Sharks in 7
Actual = Sharks in 6

(3) Detroit v. (6) Phoenix
Prediction = Wings in 6
Actual = Wings in a sweep - oh well.

(4) Anaheim v. (5) Nashville
Prediction = Ducks in 6
Actual = Preds in 6 - and I had the Ducks winning the Cup, so I guess I saved the worst for last. Thanks Anaheim!

Overall, not too shabby. 5/8 on straight winners, two series called exactly with three more (Pens, Sabres, and Nucks) that could have ended exactly as I predicted.

With that in mind, my new second round predictions:

(1) Washington v. (5) Tampa Bay

The series hinges on the Lightning's top players actually producing (Sean Bergenheim won't be enough this time around) and Dwayne Roloson continuing to stand on his head. The Caps were extremely impressive in the first round.
Caps in 5.

(2) Philadelphia v. (3) Boston

My Philly-bias is obvious. This is a tough series to predict. I think the Flyers are superior as an overall team, but I'm not sure if their goaltending holds up against the Bruins. To all my Flyers friends, don't take this personally. I'm pretty sure the Flyers only lose in the playoffs when I pick them to win, anyway.
Bruins in 6 (h/t to Burker for easing my indecisiveness)

(1) Vancouver v. (5) Nashville

Nashville is in uncharted territory. Congratulations to them and their fans for finally breaking through to the second round. Vancouver has more talent, and despite thinking that they've already won the Cup, should be able to push through the Preds.
Sedins in 7

(2) San Jose v. (3) Detroit

Total guess. I like resiliency. I also think Detroit had too easy of a time in the first round.
Sharks in 6
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Round 2 begins tonight with Vancouver and Nashville at 9PM ET.

Emily, I expect you to be watching! - Best Sports Blogs, Sports Blogger Rankings

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