Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thoughts on Duchene's Two-Year Contract

I've posted my thoughts on Duchene's two-year contract on The Hockey Writers.

After Duchene's rookie season, I wouldn't have taken a bet that he'd only be signing a two-year deal at this point in his career.

Though Duchene hasn't been a bust (or anything close), his injury troubles last year and his overall game have left much to be desired.

We've all heard the criticisms. He hasn't gelled well with line mates. He holds on to the puck for too long in the offensive zone. He gets off to ridiculously slow starts. He seems to have a knack for hitting the post - Gordon Bombay would be proud.

Still, his potential to be a #1 center who puts up 80-90 points is still there. If the Avalanche are going to be successful, he's going to need to reach that one day soon.

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