Thursday, October 3, 2013

The New Era of Avalanche Hockey

Welcome back, Patty.

6-1 Avalanche win tonight. Doesn't get much better.

Some quotes via Mike Chambers:

I was like a kid, sitting on the bench kind of re-living the Vernon fight and the Osgood fight. It’s kind of similar, pretty cool. I’m giddy right now. It’s so fun to win like that and such a difference from the last few years. (Roy) is leading the charge here and we’re ready for it … Maybe it was a little much at the end there, but that’s alright we sent a message.
Bordy threw a head fake on the guy and it kind of went from there and it turned into an old-fashioned donnybrook. It was old-time hockey. Hopefully we’re sold out after next game after that. I don’t think the fans could ask for anything more than we gave them tonight.
Patty (Roy) said nothing crazy at the end. They for sure rushed at us. I didn’t even hit the guy in front of the bench. They rushed at us, like three guys, so me and McLeod dropped the gloves to get ‘er going.
When it’s 6-0 I don’t think this game needs this type of cheap shot. But after that obviously there was some talk from coaches, I guess, but at the same time what should I do? He put his fourth line on the ice and I’m not going to go with my first line, and I went with my fourth line and that’s it. I’ve been matching (lines) all night long by the way.
The knee-on-knee by Lovejoy:

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